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Advertising is easy.


Well at least it should be.  

Easy to engage with, easy to follow and, easy to buy into.


Whether it’s a quick turnaround retail ad or a more strategically
complex piece, it has to be compelling and entertaining enough
to keep an audience involved. Not always so easy.


I’ve worked on just about every type of business at just about every

kind of agency; from small independent shops to international

networks such as Y&R, CDP, BMPDDB and Ogilvy. In each case,

keeping it simple has been fundamental to producing the best work.


I was Creative Group Head on the Ford of Europe business,

Head of Copy at SOUK and, for the past 7 years, a Senior Creative
at AMVBBDO. So I’m equally at home working through an online

project or low-budget radio campaign, as I am being immersed in a

European car launch or national telecoms rollout. Simple is still key.


In terms of expertise I guess I’m pretty accomplished in FMCGa
hands-on car pro and
a travel/destination specialist. And I’ve been

lucky enough to pick up a few awards along the way, including both
Bronze and Gold at the New York International Film & TV 
Campaign Press and D&AD.


Speaking of pencils, I recently discovered one of my first ads - for
the Pentel ClearClic
 - now immortalised on the side of a Corgi Toys

Routemaster Bus. That's true recognition.


Pentel Corgi bus front 3:4 b.JPG
MB head on b.JPG
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